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Cremation is the burning of the human body until its soft parts are destroyed by fire.The skeletal remains and ash residue (cremains) often become the object of religious rites, one for the body and one for the bones.

Hence the "self" and the identity of an individual are not simply and inevitably linked to any one body.The fire itself is the medium by which the body is offered to the gods as a kind of last sacrifice; cremation should take place in Banaras, the sacred city through which the sacred Ganges River flows.It is on the banks of the Ganges that cremations occur and cremated remains are placed in its holy waters.Cremation became an appropriate vehicle for expressing the ephemerality of bodily life and the eternity of spiritual life. For traditional Hindus, cremation fit into an overall scheme of destiny.Symbolically, the human embryo resulted from the combination of male seed forming bones and female blood providing flesh.

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